Ultrasound Guided Joint Injections

At Avant Sports Medicine all joint and bursal injections and interventions are performed under ultrasound guidance.  Studies have demonstrated that injections done under ultrasound guidance improves accuracy from as low as 25% to 100%.  With improved accuracy comes fewer attempts.  This can results in a less painful injection process.

CORTISONE is the name used to describe a group of potent anti-inflammatory drugs commonly known as corticosteroids.  Cortisone is injected into various parts of the body where inflammation is felt to be the cause of the pain.



Cortisone is used in conditions such as

  • bursitis (eg. shoulder or hip)

  • arthritis (eg. knee, ankle, hip)

  • tendinosis or tenosynovitis (eg.plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, bicep tenosynovitis)


Reference: This American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) January 2015 position statement critically reviews the literature and evaluates the accuracy, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of ultrasound-guided injections in major, intermediate, and small joints, and soft tissues, all of which are commonly performed in sports medicine. 

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