Question 1:  Is there a cost for an appointment at Avant Sports Medicine?

Answer:  An appointment to see Dr. Ling is covered under the Saskatchewan Health plan.  The appointment may include a diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound which is also covered by Sask Health.


Question 2:  Is there is a cost for injections?

Answer:  The cost of the procedure is covered under Sask Health however there is a fee for the cost of medications.  A prescription for the medication can be given to you to be picked up prior to a scheduled injection appointment.  Medications can also be purchased at the Bracing department within the point 9 building. 


Question 3:   Do I have to book physical therapy?

Answer:  Many musculoskeletal soft tissue conditions are a result of mechanical overload.  Tendons become injured from poor biomechanics, poor training methods or trauma.

Dr. Ling greatly depends on physical therapy to carry out exercise, mechanical and rehabilitative therapies.  For most tendinopathies there is limited role for medications for treatment.  When indicated he will recommend physical therapy to aid in the rehabilitative process.