Dr. Ling offers the following medical services:

  1. Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Dr. Ling utilizes bedside diagnostic ultrasound in combination with the physical examination to assist in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions. Dynamic imaging (ie. the combination of ultrasound imaging and the physical exam) sets a new standard for making clinically accurate diagnoses.


2.  Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultation

Musculoskeletal medicine

A sports and exercise consultation entails taking a comprehensive and relevant history.  This incorporates the patient's injury form and a review of relevant imaging tests.  A clinical examination including special sport specific tests will be performed.  The comprehensive review will include the novel use of MSK ultrasound for dynamic examination of joints, tendons and other soft tissue structures. 

An ACL tear seen on MRI

An ACL tear seen on MRI

Dr. Ling reviews available imaging through access to digital PACS (picture archiving communication systems) from Saskatoon Medical Imaging, Associated Radiologists and Saskatoon Health Region.



3.  Ultrasound Guided Needle Interventions

Percutaneous Needle Fenestration for  'tennis elbow'

Percutaneous Needle Fenestration for  'tennis elbow'

Dr. Ling offers ultrasound guided needle procedures for specific musculoskeletal conditions.  This includes regenerative procedures, anti-inflammatory and diagnostic procedure all done under Ultrasound guidance; which improves accuracy to up to 100% compared to traditional landmark guided joint injections.


4.  Exercise is Medicine Referrals